Wilfield Sheep Stud

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About the Stud

Wilfield Sheep Stud lies on the fertile Canterbury plains, just 20 minutes drive from Christchurch. Our speciality is in Corriedales—but we also produce award-winning Hampshire-Texel & Suffolk-Texel “MEAT” sheep.

The Stud

Founded in 1992 by Robin, Pip and Gavin Wilson, Wilfield is now New Zealand’s Premier Corriedale sheep stud. Our main focus is in the breeding of “Corriedale 2.0,” a breed based on 130 years of development for both meat and wool production. We also breed award-winning sheep of the Hampshire-Texel and Suffolk-Texel varieties—our MEAT sheep! Wilfield genetics carry with them an assurance of quality, whether it be semen or rams.

We believe we are the most innovative Corriedale Stud farm in New Zealand specialising in Corriedale 2.0 rams - The Sheep for the Future.

A Corriedale sheep with a lot of medals on it. It's lambing season!

Corriedale 2.0

Drought Resistant and Long-Living

We bring together the use of traditional breeding practices of good stockmanship with modern technologies of objective measurement and analysis (Sheep Improvement Ltd) and gene marker technology (footrot, extra muscling, cold tolerance and worm resistance) to identify the most productive and profitable animals for meat and wool production. These sheep known as CORRIEDALE 2.0 (based on the computer analogy for upgraded version) are open headed, more fertile, better milking, meatier and finer woolled sheep, bred for putting more money in sheep farmers pockets.


Fast Growth and High Yields

We introduced our MEAT stud 10 years ago, crossing high performing Texel rams over Hampshire ewes and Suffolk ewes. The benefits are the early maturity of the Hampshire and Suffolk progeny, coupled with the vigour and improved hind quarter of the Texel.

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We just want sheep that can go out on the hill and survive and produce and that’s what they do. They’ve got grunt; the Corriedale is the only sheep that still has that fantastic muzzle, strong jaw and bone.

Chris Flynn
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I have been using Wilfield stud rams for several years now during which time my flock has become less labour intensive due to much easier lambing and better foot control. The improvement is both noticeable and welcomed. Wilfield Corriedales also score well with my wool classer!

Foster Hyde
Clarendon Farm, Hinds

I have been buying the Wilfield rams for approximately 10 years now. We have always been impressed with the quality of the sheep and the selection available. With our flock being on the finer side, I have always managed to find what we have been looking for. I have also found the mothering instincts of the ewes have improved along with the hardiness and survival of the lambs. And know with the DNA testing for footrot coming further through into our ewe flock, we are looking for big improvements in that area.

Ian Bell

Today's dual purpose sheep must be just that: a ewe that can cope with the extremes of our climate and grow a fleece of excellent colour, crimp and staple formation with high fleece weight; and a ewe that has high fertility and successfully rears lambs through to weaning in minimal time. The recovery of mid-micron wool prices and consistently improving production traits (Goldmark scheme) combined with DNA testing for footrot resistance, sees today's Corriedale breed as the ideal choice for many farmers.

My clients who use Wilfield Corriedale rams are achieving excellent results. It is a stud making significant genetic gains in all of the above criteria. I have found them to be rams that shift well, to varied climates - another important attribute.

Peter McCusker
PGG Wrightson